Sun 22nd Churches Together Service at Guardian Angels 4pm


Sat 25th Spring Sale 10am 12noon


Wed 1st Ash Wednesday service 10am

Sat 18th Stations of the Cross service 3pm


Sun 9th Palm Sunday

Holy week services:

10am Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Maundy Thursday 7.30pm

Good Friday Churches Together service 10.30am at Timberley Lane

Good Friday Service here at 2pm

Holy Saturday (no service here)

Sun 16th Easter Day service 10am

Sat 29th Spring Sale 10am-12noon


Sat 13th Christian Aid coffee morning in church 10am 12noon


Sat 3rd Operation Sparkle (church clean) from 9.30am

Sat 24th Summer Fair 10am 12noon






Sun 3rd Harvest festival

Sat 16th Autumn Sale 10am-12noon


Sun 8th Bereavement Service 5pm


Sun 13th Remembrance Sunday service 10.45am

Sat 26th Christmas Fair (10am - 12noon)


Sun 17th Carol Service 4pm

Sun 24th Midnight Mass 11.30pm

Mon 25th Christmas Day service 10am