From All Saints Church we offer the Sacraments and services of the Christian Church, according to the practice of the Church of England.

Holy Baptism (Christening)

The gateway to the Christian life for babies or for grown-ups. 
If you wish to discuss baptism then please come to a Sunday service at 10am - arrangements can be made over a cup of coffee after the service.
Baptism services are normally held on Sundays at 12 noon (by arrangement). 

Preparation for Confirmation

The next step after Baptism, and the doorway to Holy Communion.


The Christian marriage service, solemnized in a place that reflects the dignity as well as the joy of the occasion. 
We offer a beautiful church venue, with garden to the rear. Before you think about looking elsewhere - come and see!


For the Christian, death is not a great leap in the dark. We take comfort from the truth that Jesus Christ died and rose again to rob death of its power. Funeral services may be held in the church or at the cemetery chapel.

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

Spiritual counsel and prayers, with confession and absolution, for those troubled by grievous sins who desire amendment of life.