*  Keble College Oxford  *

The College is the Patron of our Parish, and of 66 other parishes within England. (Historically, the Patron often assisted with the financing of the church, and had the right to choose the Vicar).

All Saints, Shard End, was the first new Anglican Church building to be constructed in Birmingham after World War II. As Keble College had been Patron to another All Saints Church (in inner-city Birmingham) that was destroyed during the war, they agreed to become Patron of our church, which took the name of the one that had been lost.

Keble College was founded in 1870, as a memorial to John Keble, a clergyman, author and poet. He was Professor of Poetry in Oxford for a time, before becoming Vicar of a Hampshire village parish, where he remained until his death. One of his most famous poems is the hymn ‘New every morning is the love.’

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