All Saints Church offers regular Christian worship for all who choose to attend, as well as providing special services to mark the milestones in life, such as Baptism (Christening), Marriage, and Funerals.

If you are resident within the parish, then you have the right to be baptised, married, or to have your funeral service within the parish church.  The continued existence of a parish church also means that a priest is available to conduct local residents funerals at cemeteries and crematoria, to visit the sick, to offer counsel and to hear confession.

All Saints receives no financial help from the government or the local authority, and is reliant on the financial support of its regular congregation.  It is a responsibility, which rightly should be shared with all who are resident within the parish.  Sadly, we do not need to look too far from Shard End to find local communities which have in recent years lost their parish church and their local clergy.

You can help us in a number of ways. First (and best), would be to become a member of our regular Sunday congregation you would be made welcome and you might have practical skills which you could offer too.  Additionally, there is the opportunity to support the various fund raising events (sales, fairs, auctions etc) that are held throughout the year and are publicised locally.

If you are a UK taxpayer, we encourage you to make use of the Gift Aid scheme.  This enables us to reclaim the tax that you have paid on your donation.  For example, a gift of 10 is worth 12.80 to us via Gift Aid.

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